Revitalisation of Skaaprus Settlement

Establishment of a community that is economically sustainable, socially inclusive and environmentally responsible

People Employed
Turnover in 5 Years
minimum income per month

The establishment of 30+ businesses and that will create job opportunities for around 100+ people.  The goal is to create businesses that will generate R1,000,000 (£53K) turnover, with the aim of getting R300,000 (£16K) real income running internally through the community.  Income will differ across the businesses as each entrepreneur will perform differently.

The businesses will fall into 4 broad categories food, retail, trades and farming


Required assets will be divided into 3 categories structures, equipment and stock.


Several rudimentary structures will be erected to facilitate business development in the community.  The intention is to get as much of this donated as possible and get the community to provide the labour to build it.

Food court: 10 food stalls

Flea Market: Grocery/retail type sales

Workshops:  6 workshops to facilitate the development of trades.

Containers: Toilets, kitchens, powder-coating plant


Small tools and equipment be purchased by the Co-op, and these will make up the initial asset base of the co-op. Large equipment will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will depend on the funding options available.

There will be an initial outlay for stock to get all the businesses up and running – this expenditure will be recovered over time.


Training is a key focus of the initiative. Training will cover business management, leadership, administration as well as trade-related skills.


Phase 1 - R400,000 - Initial farm buildings constructed and operational with training

Phase 2 - R1.6m - To get the rudimentary food court, flea market and trade blocks up

Donate today and build a community!

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Business Examples - Providing both training and service to the community and beyond

Farming Business


A pig farm of 40 animals that will be sold or slaughtered for use in the community.

Broiler Chickens

Farm of 200 that will be sold or slaughtered for use in the community.

Egg Laying Chickens

100 egg laying chickens that will be sold for use in the community and beyond.

Bee Keeping & Honey

Working on a 2 season harvest for 15+ hives.

Crops & Herbs

Growing sunflowers, maize and sorghum for animal feed and herbs for bees.

Wormery & Compost

Tiger worm farm for the process of pig manure to produce compost.

Retail Business


Second-hand clothing & shoes supplied via donation or shipped in containers.


Locally made crafts and artisan products.


Locally sourced fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat.

Second-hand products

Second-hand furniture and household products. 

Cooked Food & Drinks

Stalls selling freshly cooked and locally sourced food e.g pizza or pap & vleis.


Fuel and an overnight stop for trucks travelling on the N2.

Trade Business

Metal & Sandblasting workshop

Welding and basic metalwork and the repair and renovation of items.


Rammed Earth Consultancy & Construction company.

Tailoring & Shoe Repair

A workshop providing clothes repairs and tailoring.


Furniture making and repair.

Powder Coating

Powder coating for small and medium items.

Mechanic & Second-hand cars 

Basic mechanical repairs and a used car showroom.

Donate today and build a community!

#bemorebambanani #buildacommunity #actionagainstpoverty